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Expert training you won’t experience from any other distributor

Looking for new ways to stay ahead of the latest and greatest in the industry? We don’t blame you! It’s not simply enough to Google what needs to be done; you need to provide the best service, information and installations for your clients.

Professional development is an asset, and one that Redmond provides for free to all of our distributors. From sales, to technical advancements, to installation; our team shares our knowledge. We even let you test out your education on the best brands in the industry, so that you are equipped to serve your clients no matter their HVAC needs. Family takes care of family, right?

No one else offers this kind of training. Why? Because, no one else is Redmond.


Training designed for the industry


You aren’t selling products. You are selling solutions. Learn how to identify your client’s pain points, identify the best products for their needs, and highlight why! Selling is an art and one that we have mastered.



Companies are using tech to create products never before seen in the HVAC industry. Instead of falling behind, leap ahead with technical training that will be sure to impress! Learn about the latest innovations and equipment on the market today.



Know how to impress your clients every step of the way! Install the top products while delivering the best service seen in the industry. Learn about the latest equipment, technologies and regulations!


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Check back in later to view our upcoming courses! We are working on offering the best of the best.

Didn’t see an event for you? Contact us! We’ll see what we can do.

We won’t leave you high and dry. If you are interested in learning about any of the products we carry, or have pressing questions that need answers, contact us! We will direct you to an expert who will be more than happy to teach you our ways.