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Get to know Redmond.
You won’t regret it.

We aren’t your typical family, and that’s what our customers and team members remind us of every single day. For over 20 years, with Chris Redmond at the helm, we have taken our strong values and planted roots in the community of HVAC professionals.

From providing HVAC training to those who are committed to professional development to sharing a coffee with sales professionals from the largest brands in the industry – when you walk into our office you will feel like you are coming home. A well-timed joke, a fireside chat, a promise to do our best for you and your clients – our family is here for yours.

Life is filled with the uncertain, but at Redmond, you can be confident that we will treat you as part of the family – because you are!


Why choose Redmond? We are different, and it’s a good thing!

Quality of service matches the quality of products we offer.

That’s a big statement, but we confidently say it because we only offer the best! When your clients request the top HVAC supplies in the industry, we have what you need- every single time.


You’re not just another company to us. We treat you like family.

From the moment you walk in our doors or give us a call, you are a part of our family. We educate, poke fun, and support you so that you can succeed.


Distribution isn’t all we do; we offer HVAC training that can't be beat!

Learn about your industry. Discover the latest in technical innovations. Develop your skills professionally. We take your education seriously because it’s what sets you apart!


We do what we can to help YOU succeed

We’ve been dealing with Redmond Distributing for several years now. They really do their best to
make things simple and easy, whether it’s helping us provide a quality product for our customers,
working with us to get answers from Manufacturers if a problem should arise and then helping us with
the solution, or even going that extra mile delivering an emergency order when something unexpected
happens. As a business owner, my customers are my number one priority, the staff at Redmond
Distributing go out of their way to care of me the same way, which makes taking care of my customers
that much easier. I can’t imagine running a successful Hearth shop without Redmond Distributing.


Katherine Morningstar

My experience working with Redmond Distributing has been great. If I have a question, they are always
there to answer. The delivery option is a life saver at times, and has saved me so much time and effort.
The staff are knowledgeable and passionate, which makes the whole experience from beginning to end
a breeze. I love working with Redmond Distributing, because not only are they diligent about the
products they carry, they’re diligent in making sure we as dealers are satisfied. They always make sure to
share any training courses that become available, and they’ll point you in the right direction if you
require any guidance. My thoughts on the products and services provided by Redmond Distributing are
phenomenal. I love Amana, my clients love Amana and I genuinely enjoy seeing my customers faces
after the install has been completed. The pricing, the products, and the customer service all together are
just a few reasons why I love supporting Redmond Distributing.


Michael Mead

Redmond Distributing is a family run organization and everyone that works for them really care about
the customer. I feel like I am a part of there family. When I walk through the door they make me feel like
I am the most important client they have. They are always willing to go the extra mile when required.


Mike Barry

Looking for HVAC training opportunities?

Text, email, call or stop by; we are always ready and willing to help you in whatever way we can.

Interested in seeing a new model? Let us show you! Looking for training opportunities? We’ll share our calendar of upcoming events.

We come to work each day, on a mission to serve you better than any other HVAC distributor. Get in touch with us.